will passport office accept unenrolled deed poll

Will Passport Office Accept Unenrolled Deed Poll?

Thinking of changing your name in the UK and wondering about unenrolled deed polls? Many people find themselves asking the same question. We will explain what deed polls are and what the Passport Office requires. This info will help you efficiently change your name on your passport.

Surprisingly, the Passport Office does approve unenrolled deed polls for name changes. Some may be shocked by this news. It’s often thought only enrolled deed polls are accepted. Nonetheless, the Passport Office accepts unenrolled ones too, with certain conditions met.

So, the real question is whether your unenrolled deed poll will be accepted. Let’s explore this to find an answer!

Understanding Deed Polls

A deed poll changes a British person’s name officially. It’s used to update important papers like a passport. People need to know the difference between an enrolled deed poll and an unenrolled deed poll. They also need to understand the legal rules for a deed poll if they want to change their name.

What is a Deed Poll?

A deed poll is a legal paper showing you want to change your name. You can change your first, last, or full name with it. To make it official, you sign it, have someone witness it, and may register it with the Royal Courts of Justice.

Enrolled vs. Unenrolled Deed Poll

Deed polls can be of two types: enrolled or unenrolled. If a deed poll is enrolled, the Royal Courts of Justice has marked it as valid. Unenrolled ones are not formally registered.

Legal Requirements for Deed Polls

If you want to change your name with a deed poll in the UK, you have to meet certain rules. You should be 16 or older, a British citizen, and live in England or Wales. You also need to be mentally ready to decide on your new name. This helps ensure your name change is done the right way, legally.

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Will Passport Office Accept Unenrolled Deed Poll?

The Passport Office says they’ll take your unenrolled deed poll for a British passport. You can change your name legally with a deed poll you fill out. No need to go to the Royal Courts of Justice.

Passport Office Guidelines for Deed Polls

The Passport Office has clear rules for deed polls. Besides the deed poll, you need to show past name changes. Also, you must prove you’re using the new name every day.

Examples are a payslip, council letter, or official documents with your new name.

Documents Required with Unenrolled Deed Poll

Along with the unenrolled deed poll, you’ll need to submit extra documents when you change your passport name:

  • Proof of past name changes, like marriage certificates or enrolled deed polls
  • Items showing you use your new name, such as payslips or utility bills
  • A filled passport form with your new name

If you provide these, it shows the Passport Office you really did change your name. They’ll then accept your unenrolled deed poll for the passport update.

Name Change Process for Passports

Changing your name on a British passport varies by situation. There are different steps based on your circumstance.

Marriage or Civil Partnership Name Change

If you’ve recently married or had a civil partnership, updating your passport is easier. You can just use your marriage or civil partnership certificate. No need for a deed poll if your official documents show your new name.

Divorce or Returning to a Previous Surname

If you’ve divorced and want to go back to your former surname, it’s not complicated for your passport. You just need to show your Decree Absolute. Again, no deed poll is needed for a name you’ve had before.

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Gender Change and Name Change

Getting your name changed when you switch gender means dealing with more rules. You have to show the Passport Office a deed poll or some other legal paper. Plus, they’ll want to see a Gender Recognition Certificate to confirm you’ve transitioned.

Requirements for Gender Change Name Change

The Passport Office has a specific list of items they need for a name change during a gender change. Here’s what they ask for:

  • A completed Passport Application Form
  • Your current passport
  • A Gender Recognition Certificate issued by the Gender Recognition Panel
  • An unenrolled deed poll or other legal document formalising your name change
  • Evidence that you are using your new name, such as bank statements, utility bills, or a letter from your employer

Remember, changing your name for a gender change has more steps. It can be wise to get a lawyer or advice from the Royal Courts. This makes sure everything is done right by the UK law.

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Other Name Changes

Sometimes, making minor name changes doesn’t need a full deed poll in the UK. This might be a small tweak to your title or forename. Yet, you will still have to show the Passport Office you’re regularly using the new name. How? By providing things like bank statements, or a letter from your boss. They want to be sure your new name is a part of your everyday life.

Titles and Small Changes to Forenames

Changing from “Miss” to “Ms” or tweaking your first name a bit might not need a full deed poll. The Passport Office knows names can change a little over time. They might be okay with these smaller changes without all the legal steps.

Evidence of New Name Usage

The Passport Office will always ask for evidence that you’re using your new name, no matter the size of the change. You can show this with bank statements, utility bills, payslips, or a letter from your boss. It’s vital to prove you’ve adopted your new name in daily activities.

Document Purpose
Bank Statements Demonstrate consistent use of new name for financial transactions
Utility Bills Prove new name is used for household accounts
Payslips Confirm employer has updated records with new name
Employer Letter Formal acknowledgment of name change by your workplace

Name change requirements

Deed Poll for Children

Changing a child’s name is a bit different from changing an adult’s. The UK Passport Office looks at a deed of name change for a child. This deed must be done by a solicitor. Or, a deed poll from the Royal Courts is also okay for a child’s name change.

Requirements for Child Name Change

The rules for changing a child’s name may change. It’s best to talk to a professional like a solicitor. They can make sure everything is done right. You should think about how old the child is. Also, make sure both parents agree to the new name. And, be aware of any legal issues.

Solicitor or Royal Courts for Child Deed Poll

Using a solicitor or the Royal Courts is a good way to change your child’s name. This makes sure the name change is done correctly and without problems. The Passport Office will accept a deed poll done this way. But they might need different papers depending on if the deed poll is enrolled or not.


In short, the UK Passport Office lets you use an unenrolled deed poll for official name changes. The main conditions are that you are British, living in England or Wales, and sane. Besides the deed poll, you must show proof of old name changes. Also, prove you’re using the new name regularly.

The way to change names, like for gender switches or kids, might differ. It’s key to carefully check the Passport Office advice. If you’re updating your passport due to marriage, divorce, or any name change, know the deed poll rules. This knowledge is vital for a hassle-free application.

Using an unenrolled deed poll is handy for many. But, remember to meet all the rules and show the right documents. This way, you can change your name on your British passport correctly.


What documents do I need to provide with an unenrolled deed poll?If you have an unenrolled deed poll, you need to show some documents. You should show any proof of past name changes and how you use the new name, like a payslip or a council letter.Can I use my marriage certificate or civil partnership certificate to update my passport name?If you just got married or formed a civil partnership, you can change your passport name with your certificate. In such cases, a deed poll is not required.Can I use my Decree Absolute to update my passport name after a divorce?After a divorce, going back to a former surname? You can update your name with your Decree Absolute. A deed poll is not needed in this situation.What are the requirements for a gender change name change?For a gender and name change, you need some extra documents. The Passport Office requests a Gender Recognition Certificate. It’s more complex than a regular name change.Do I need a deed poll for small name changes?For minor changes like a title or slight forename adjustment, the Passport Office may not ask for a full deed poll. Yet, you still need to prove you are using the new name. This could be through bank statements, utility bills, or an employer’s letter.What are the requirements for a child’s name change?For a child’s name change, the Passport Office could accept a deed of name change from a solicitor. Or a deed poll through the Royal Courts might be okay. Always check with an expert since the needs can differ.


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