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How Much Is Contents Insurance in the UK?

In the UK, contents insurance premiums can be between £59 and £66 a year for just contents cover. For buildings and contents insurance together, it’s £146 to £152 annually. This cover protects your belongings from fires, floods, or theft, giving you peace of mind.

Contents insurance is vital for both homeowners and renters. It covers the cost of replacing or fixing your personal items. Whether it’s your expensive gadgets, favourite furniture, or daily items, knowing the costs and options helps you choose the right policy.

This article will explain contents insurance in the UK. We’ll look at how it works, what affects the cost, and the coverage types. By the end, you’ll know why contents insurance is important and how to pick the best policy for your home and life.

How Does Contents Insurance Work?

There are two main types of contents insurance policies: new-for-old and current value. It’s important to know how these work to pick the right one for you.

New-for-old cover means your insurer will replace items with new ones if they get damaged or stolen. You’ll get the full cost to buy a new item. Current value or indemnity insurance gives you the item’s current market value, considering its age and condition.

You’ll usually have to pay an excess when you make a claim. This is a part of the claim cost that you must pay. The amount varies by policy. If you haven’t claimed in a while, you might get a no claims discount, which can lower your premium.

How home contents insurance works

It’s key to understand your contents cover policy details. Knowing about the excess and discounts helps you choose the best home contents insurance for you.

How Much is Contents Insurance UK?

The cost of contents insurance in the UK varies a lot. It depends on several things, like how much cover you want, where you live, your home’s security, and the value of your belongings. On average, people pay about £53 a year for contents insurance.

Average Contents Insurance Cost for 1 Bed House

For a 1-bed house, contents insurance usually costs around £70 a year. This is because smaller homes have fewer items to insure. The price can change based on your home’s age, condition, and the crime rate nearby.

Average Contents Insurance Cost for 2 Bed House

In a 2-bed house, contents insurance costs about £79 a year on average. This is because bigger homes often have more valuable things. So, the insurance company takes on more risk, which means a higher premium.

Average Contents Insurance Cost for 3 Bed House

For a 3-bed house, the average cost is around £88 a year for contents insurance. This is because bigger homes can have more expensive items like high-end electronics or jewellery. This makes the insurance more costly.

Remember, these prices are just a guide. Your actual contents insurance cost might be different. To get a better idea, compare quotes from various providers. Think about what you need to insure in your home.

contents insurance cost

Factors Affecting Contents Insurance Cost

In the UK, the cost of contents insurance can change based on several factors. Knowing these can help you make better choices and maybe save money on your premiums.

Location and Property Type

The place where you live greatly affects your contents insurance cost. Insurers see homes in urban, wealthy areas as riskier. This is because there’s a higher chance of break-ins and theft. So, people living in these areas usually pay more for their contents insurance.

The type of property you own also changes your insurance cost. Flats and terraced houses are seen as riskier and may cost more than detached or semi-detached ones. Houses built between 1850 and 1940 can be pricier to insure because they’re more likely to have damage claims.

Location Average Contents Insurance Cost
Urban, Wealthier Area £150 – £300 per year
Rural, Lower-Risk Area £100 – £200 per year
Flat £120 – £250 per year
Terraced House £130 – £280 per year
Detached House £150 – £350 per year
Older Property (1850-1940) £180 – £400 per year

Knowing how your location and property type affect contents insurance costs can guide you in choosing the right policy.

property type

What Does Contents Insurance Cover?

Understanding what your contents insurance covers is key. It usually protects many household items like electrical goods, furniture, clothes, and kitchen appliances. But, there are things it doesn’t cover.

Most contents insurance policies help replace or fix your household belongings if they get stolen, damaged, or destroyed. This includes things like:

  • Televisions, computers, and other electronic devices
  • Sofas, beds, and other furniture
  • Clothing and jewellery
  • Kitchen appliances and cookware
  • Garden tools and equipment

But, contents insurance doesn’t cover normal wear and tear, damage from neglect, infestations, or items worth over about £1,000. Knowing these exclusions is vital when picking a policy.

It’s important to check your contents insurance policy closely. This way, you’ll know what’s covered, what’s not, and what to expect if you make a claim.

High-Value Items and Single Item Limits

Protecting your valuable items might not be fully covered by standard home contents insurance. Most policies have a single item limit, usually around £1,000. This means if you lose, steal, or damage an item worth more, you might not get full reimbursement.

If you have high-value items like laptops, TVs, or bicycles, make sure they’re covered. You might need to list them separately for full protection. This process is called insuring expensive possessions. It gives you peace of mind that your valuables are protected with additional cover if something goes wrong.

Some insurers let you increase your single item limit. This way, you can cover high-value items beyond the standard policy limit. This is great if you have many valuable items to insure.

It’s crucial to understand your contents insurance policy’s limits and exclusions, especially the single item limit on contents policy. By doing this, you can make sure your valuable items are well-protected. This gives you confidence to enjoy your items without worrying about unexpected costs.

High-value items

Reviewing your contents insurance and insuring expensive possessions is a smart move. It ensures your valuables are well-protected, offering you peace of mind.


Contents insurance is key to protecting your home and belongings from unexpected events like fire, theft, or flooding. The cost for this insurance in the UK varies from £59 to £66 for a standalone policy. For a combined buildings and contents policy, it’s between £146 to £152 annually.

The exact price depends on your location, the type of property, the value of your items, and any high-value items needing extra coverage. It’s important to check how much protection you need and what your policy covers. This way, you can ensure your valuable items are safe.

For homeowners or renters, getting contents insurance is a smart move to protect your belongings and your finances. This article has covered the main points about contents insurance and its costs in the UK. It aims to help you make a well-informed choice about covering your possessions.


What is contents insurance and how does it work?

Contents insurance protects your household items. It covers the cost of fixing or replacing lost or damaged items. It’s not a must-have, but it can save you money if something like a fire, flood, or theft happens. This insurance offers new-for-old or current value cover for your belongings.

What are the main types of contents insurance?

There are two main types: new-for-old and current value cover. New-for-old means your items get replaced with new ones. Current value cover gives you the item’s current market pr

What does contents insurance typically cover?

It usually covers things like electrical goods, furniture, money, clothes, and kitchen appliances. But it doesn’t cover wear and tear, damage from neglect, infestations, or items over £1,000. Always check your policy to see what’s covered.

How can I insure high-value items?

Standard contents insurance might not cover expensive items like laptops, TVs, or bikes. If your items are over £1,000, list them separately on your policy. You can also get extra cover for these items when they’re outside your home.


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